Borsalino Fedora Hats

Borsalino Quito Panama Fedora Made in Italy.
The best Panama hats come from Ecuador. Quito, the capital city, is known for a particular quality and weave. These hat bodies were imported by Italy's Borsalino Hat Company who blocks them with their distinctive styling. Then off to The Village Hat Shop in San Diego they go. Are you their next stop? Hats will have a leather sweatband and 1 1/4" wide brown grosgrain trim. The center pinch crown is 4 3/4" high and the brim is 2 1/2" wide. Color: Natural.

Borsalino Panama Fedora

Made in Italy.

If there is such a thing as a basic classic, this is it. Afterall, when you think "European fedora", strolling the Via Veneto in Rome with an overcoat draped over your shoulders and wearing a Borsalino may just come to mind. And although "panama" is straw material and not a style, many associate the panama hat as a fedora style. Put them together and, voila, you have a basic classic. This hat has a 3" brim, 1 1/2" dark brown grosgrain hatband, and a satin sweatband. Color: Tan.

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