Lowes Coupons for 10 Dollars off 25 Dollars Visa

We just came across coupons for Lowes which is $10.00 off $25.00 purchases.  The Lowe's coupons are suppose to be good until July 30th but they are only good by using your Visa card.  From what we have heard they work with Visa credit cards or visa debit cards.  The site is below and they have many 10 dollars off 25 dollars or more orders at Lowes.  You can also get several of the coupons at one time.

Click Here for the Lowes 10 Dollar Coupon

Remember this coupon is supposedly only good if you are using your Visa cards to make your purchases but some are saying it's not neccessary so use your own judgement if you don't have a Visa card.

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